Aka.ms/recoverykeyfaq – Easy To Find your Bitlocker Recovery Key Now

All you need is a username to create an Email id for the Aka.ms/recoverykeyfaq Microsoft account. The username should be an advertising one.

How to login Microsoft – Aka.ms/recoverykeyfaq

  • It depends on the way you sign in on your Microsoft account and have transitioned to sign in with an email address. 
  • Go to Microsoft login page and enter your email address in the given space and process next. The password should be like setting a pin number and stored in a TPM chip.
  • The chip device contains the policy is not prompted for the password. This has to be should be done only in a device.

How to recover Microsoft 

  • Select the tools in the Safe Guard management center and recover to open the Wizard of recovery.
  • Select the recovery key ID and manage to click on the recovery type page. Then Click on the symbol […] to search the recovery key Id.
  • Avoid the quotation mark and enter the command that is given
  • Then you will be taken to enter the PIN and be prompted to enter the PIN again to confirm the saved keys.
  • The trusted platforms of supporting operating system enterprise the edition along with the higher installed edition.
  • The trusted module platform brings the activated will be turned on.

Ways to prevent the Bit locker

A whole disk from the encryption program encrypts the data for a Windows Pc or USB to prevent the flash drive on an unauthorized access to the decryption key or the users account credentials. In the Group policy manager, the startup key without the PIN that can change the type of the computer.

The components from the operating system from the windows and templates can check the box stating without a compatible, so that the operating system is found.

BitLocker recovery key is located in a .BEK file named like BitLocker Recovery Key: 444C8E16-4F23-45E7-96CE-3B3FA04D2189.BEK:

BitLocker recovery key format: 44334-315590-197472-399399-419595-387156-320562-361383

The BitLocker recovery key is applied to unlock your BitLocker drive when you forget the password or not working.

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