Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey – DGCustomerfirst Com $100 Gift Card

DG or Dollar General stores came into operation since 1939 and are located in the United States of America. This is a chain dealing with cleaning supplies, beauty products, clothing, health products, home decor, and so on. Basically, these are at stake for fulfilling the requirements of customers to the extent. But being one of the oldest firms, they also focus on the customer experience. By keeping the same in mind, they comes up with dollar general customer survey which helps them to understand the experience users have at their place.

If you have just visited any of the outlets of dollar general, it is integral for you to understand the survey so that you can also contribute to improving the ambiance at the store.

Requirements to participate in DG survey:

  • A person must be more than 18 years of age.
  • A device must be available with them which is compatible with the official email address.
  • A customer must be available with a recent cash receipt from the dollar general store.
  • Valid email account newlines table internet connection
  • A person must be a legal resident of the United States
  • The prize winner must be liable to pay the taxes, and else they can enter into the sweepstakes.

How to enter into the survey?

When it is about entering into the survey where a person can take part in it is through two ways. These are:-

Online method (a receipt is a must)

Steps to follow:-

Step1: Visit the official website at


Step2: On the main page, it asks for time, store number and the 15 digit access code available on the cash receipt mentions the same.

Step3: Now the questionnaire will appear right in front of you, and you need to go through all of them and answer honestly.

Step4: After answering them on a sleek click on the submit button.

Now mention the contact details so that you can get the dollar general coupon which can be availed at the next visit to the store.

Del Taco Survey is one of the renowned restaurants, and there is no doubt for the customer of union is one of the most important things. By collecting customer feedback, they move ahead with the services.

By mail (without receipt)

If you don’t have the receipt available or you haven’t purchased any product, then there is nothing for you to worry about, and also there is no need for you to purchase any product as well. For it, the steps are as follows:

  1. Take a card that is square in shape and approximately 3.5 * 5 inches in size.
  2. On the card, mention all your details, including the full name, phone number, email address, and date of birth.
  3. Now send the card to the address at dollar general service sweepstakes PO Box 25, 1328 West Bloomfield, MI 483245.

Talktomalicasters Survey is specially organized for all the customers visiting them. The major reason for starting this survey is to get honest and genuine feedback from all the customers. 

Questions available in the Survey questionnaire:

You might be in confusion about the questions that are available in the survey questionnaire, so there is nothing for you to worry about, and these are as follows:-

  • Related to the behavior of the staff.
  • How many visits to have at the store till yet.
  • Price of the products and services.
  • The atmosphere at the store.
  • The question answers considering hospitality, cleanliness, and site of the stores.
  • Quality of the products.
  • Overall customer satisfaction.

Note: Whenever you are participating in the survey, make sure you are not giving your cash receipt to anyone to participate in the survey. If the same has been found, then you will not be eligible to get the rewards.

Overall this is a survey to improve the customer experience and to look on to the problems arising. Dollar General Store providers always believe in serving customers with the best facilities, and this is the major reason they have come up with a survey option. When you participated in the survey option and completed the survey with honesty at the end, you will receive a coupon which can be available next time at the store visit. So just answer the questions carefully to win the rewards!

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