Nicor Gas Login And Customer Service Support Portal

Are you confused about how to log in into nicor gas website? We are here to help you. Nicor gas is basically a natural gas distribution company that was found in the year 1953. It has its headquarters at Naperville, Illinois. If you create an account for yourselves in Nicor gas site, then you can avail many benefits. They include online payment of gas bills and getting help from customer service about their services. Nicor account login is a simple way to avail these benefits.

Steps involved in Registering at Nicole Gas

Nicor gas login and registration has been explained in detail here. There are a few steps involved in registering at Nicole gas if you want to access them online.

Step1: Browse for through your favorite browser.

Step2: Select “My account” and press it.

Step3: If you are a new user, you have to register in the site and thus select “New to My Account”. You will see “Register in Green”. Please select that option to register yourself with nicor gas.

Step4: You will be asked for your information and you will have to fill it out.

Step5: Your Email ID must be typed in two times.

Step6: Verify the uniqueness of your ID by clicking on the red button.

Step7: Type in your password for the ID you have created.

Step8: Click “continue” icon after answering the security question.

Step9: Select a name for your Nicor gas account.

Step10: You have to type in the account number from your nicor gas bill.

Step11: Even your phone number and the last four digit of social security number can be used for Nicor gas registration online.

Step12: There will be an option given in the page so that you can pay them online. You have to uncheck it if you don’t want to do paperless billing.

You will have to check in that you have accepted Nicor gas’s terms and conditions. That’s it!

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Steps to Login into Nicor gas

Step1: To login into Nicor gas account via online, click on this link

Step2: You have to type in your User ID and password that you created during Nicor gas registration.

Step3: Finally login to your Nicor gas account and pay your bills with ease.

Have you forgotten your Nicor Gas User ID?

It is really common to forget your passwords and user IDs since everything has an ID these days. However, if you don’t have Nicor gas login user ID in your memory, continue reading this article.

Step1: Visit the homepage of nicor gas website. In the nicor gas login page, you will find “Forgot User ID or Password” link to click.

Step2: After clicking it, look for “Forgot User ID” section in the nicor gas homepage.

Step3: Now you can find your mail ID by clicking “Request User ID”.

Step4: The same can be done for forgotten password in nicor gas. You just have to click on “forgot password” section instead of forgot user ID. Then you can reset the password by selecting “request password”.

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Helpful Phone Numbers for Nicor gas Customer Service    

  • The toll free number for nicor customer service phone numbers is (888) 642-6748.
  • Another number for nicor gas is (630) 428-4246.

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