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A rebate is a type of purchasing discount or offer, and the amount paid through reduction, withdrawal, or return is paid altogether. The rebate may help all for per product, and the consumers will save money on the specific pet items or products. The pet care production has raised a lot from the past years with more food product additions and more animal care and analysis.

If you want to purchase medicine for the pets at a reasonable price with the Bi-Pet prepaid rebate, cardholders should activate the card first. With the official Prepaid.Bipetrebates.Com Activate, applicants are devoted to saving money rather than the phone service. When buying a product or item for the pet from a provider, be sure to keep it on the acquisition receipt.

Conditions Needed Before Bi Pet Rebates Card Registration Process:

  1. Applicants are needed to get one or more animal or veterinary products from a certified veterinary store or dispensary. For a list of related and supporting brands, you need to visit the official website.
  2. You may get the purchase receipt from the store or veterinary dispensary. The buying receipt should be printed with all the appropriate information.
  3. Eligible cardholders will receive an offer code on the purchase receipt. If the applicants missed the offer, they would continually return to a similar store to request a reprint if applicants obtained by credit card.
  4. You will get the refund form through email, and it will consider as valid.

How to claim for my rebate?

The procedure for card activation is straightforward and easy.

Step1: Firstly, go to the site’s official website of Bi Pet Rebates to activate the card Click Here.

Step2: Ensure applicants have the Card Number because it will be needed at the time of the activation process.

Step3: You have to mention the first six digits of the prepaid Bipetrebate card and hit on the “Enter” button.

After the complete registration, you will get your card details, such as check your balance, transactions, statements, and set your pin.

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How To Use activate Card?

Step1: Visit the Bi Pet Rebates’ official website and log into the account by hitting the link.

Step2: Search the offer code on the buying receipt and mention it in the relevant section.

Step3: After that, mention the acquisition date provided on the receipt before continuing to the next section.

Step4: Now, upload the scanned photo of the original purchase receipt and offer form. It serves as additional proof of the acquisition to confirm the withdrawal of the prepaid visa card.

Step5: Now, cardholders will have to cover the pet information like the name, address, and more.

Step6: Confirm that all the information mentioned in the form is correct and hit on the “Submit” button.

Now, you will get the thank you page with a tracking number.

Please pay attention to this tracking number because it will help all the cardholders follow their arrival.

It typically takes three to four months of business days with a prepaid Visa card to complete the application procedure regardless of the activation period.

When purchasing fortifications, applicants will have to provide the postal address in the Customer Data section.

After the acquisition, applicants will get the refund form at the provided address.

Track your rebate online.

Click Here

Phone: 1-800-307-7000. Press option 3.

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST

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Final Conclusion:                          

A rebate is a section of a purchase transaction refunded to the applicants after the operation is closed. Discounts in the form of prepaid cards are widespread nowadays. You will find a marketing code on the acquisition receipt that will use on the refund form to receive money on the prepaid card. Using the Bi Pet Rebates Prepaid Activate Card, you can get the promotional code of all healthcare products for your animals.

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